Jeffrey L. Becker, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

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Jeffrey Becker PhD

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to consider me as your therapist. I hope the information I've included is both informative, and gives you some insight into me personally to assist you in determining if I'm a good fit for your needs.

Psychotherapy is a process that allows you to come to a better understanding of your abilities, challenges, motivations, moods, and patterns of behavior. It is an opportunity to explore and gain insight about yourself, and to use this knowledge to make changes that you have not been able to make before. When we understand ourselves more deeply and honestly, we become empowered to change how we relate to ourselves and others, change how we handle distressing or difficult situations, and change how we work toward meaningful accomplishments that align with our deepest values.

If you "Google" psychotherapy, the clinical definition you find is” The treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means." It implies a pathology - that something is wrong with you. While psychotherapy can indeed help in such instances, I do not think it’s benefit is limited to that, or that your decision to seek therapy implies there is something wrong with you. As imperfect human beings, we can all benefit from a greater insight into ourselves, and apply that understanding to improve our lives and our relationships.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about my areas of focus and therapy style.